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First Leaked Windows 8 Screens and Details

Posted by Bradley Wint on 04/03/2011

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The first legitimate leaked images of Windows 8 have hit the web, giving us a sneak peak of what’s to come.

Win7China posted 2 shots of Windows 8 Build 7910.winmain.110111-1804, showing a taskbar looking just like the one in Windows 7, but with a user icon that is linked to a Windows Live account. It seems MS will be taking its OS technology and better integrating it into its online Live platform.

The second photo gives us a look at the profile icon selection area, with some of them appearing to be video-based (the Windows Media Player icon). The connectivity to the Live service is supposed to allow for logging to any Windows desktop, notebook and tablet, as well as the Xbox 360, Windows Phone and Microsoft TV without any hiccups.

They did mention that the current Milestone 2 demo has a few similarities to Windows 7 in the GUI department, but a significant portion of the start menu and other windows have been drastically redesigned. In an interview between Microsoft and Soft Media, they did mention a couple interesting things such as the shortened installation time (2.5 times shorter than Windows 7′s set up time).

There is also a “Push Button Reset” function which allows a system to be restored to factory settings in just 2 minutes, just in case you decide to screw up your system. Also, you should be allowed to configure your factory setup layout, just in case you need to revert. They’ve also mentioned that the Windows 8 recovery files will be stored on the system and won’t take up much space as compared to Windows 7.

As a Windows 7 user, I highly doubt I’d need to use that restore feature though, since it’s been over 1 year being on Windows 7 without any major issues, but it’s still a very convenient option if something major goes wrong for a novice user.

Microsoft even went ahead to release a wallpaper with the phrase “Shh…let’s not leak our hard work.” Guess they are too late for that.

Windows 8 is a milestone in the Microsoft calendar because a tablet version will be coming out for ARM enabled Windows tablet devices, and it will also be competing against new operating systems from Apple and Google.


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  • Erich

    Until they make instant on, not referred to sleep or hibernate, I will have much more interest in the windows operating system. Still cool though

  • plmko

    You do know that is pretty much impossible if you want things like start-up programs/services and GUI to load up upon booting, not even simple mobile phones can instant bootup.

    What you’re looking for is MS-DOS command boot.

  • Erich

    Yeah, I know. Sorry, I meant “a couple of seconds”. That is instant on for me…

  • Guest


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