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Firefox 4 Beta 9 is crazy fast

Posted by on 15/01/2011


If you haven’t tried out Firefox’s new Beta 9, please get with it.

Unlike the older versions of Firefox 4 betas, this one is actually very stable and runs superbly fast. Firefox 4 brings a ton of new updates including a total redesign, Sync tool to stay synchronized with all your mobile and PC devices, and a better way of managing tabs and add-ons.

The new Firefox has taken some notes that are already present in Google Chrome by moving the tabs to the top and getting rid of the long menu bar for a much shorter drop down version called the Firefox Button (not in B9 yet). You can even look your more used tabs such as Facebook, Twitter or your email pages into a mini app tab, so it stays there open all the time and can’t be closed by accident unless you right click and delete it. This version is also CSS3 and HTML5 compatible.

One of the biggest features though is its speed. According to various Javascript test benchmark tools, this version loads significantly faster than Firefox 3.6.12 and some of the earlier betas. Text readability has also been improved a tad with characters appearing just tiny bit bigger and clearer. I guess because of their JägerMonkey JavaScript engine, Javascript loading times were improved so much that sites feel very fluid now. Most sites running Disqus and Adsense always loaded somewhat slowly for me but it works like a charm now.

For now, some of your add-on plugins may not work, with only 4 of 10 working for me, However, the major ones like Firebug, Adblock Plus and Personas work properly. There were also a few errors here and there but were not really significant to ditch it all together. Of course this will be fixed in time because the Mozilla team is trying to gather as much info about site compatibility on various subjects such as errors, loading times, visual appearances and more.

Check out some of the new features that Firefox 4 will offer, and download the newest beta here.


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