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Fire the wedding planner, use Google instead

Posted by on 11/02/2011


With Google being hell bent on controlling our lives, they have added yet another service to help make our lives easier. If you are looking to get married soon, forget hiring an expensive and rude wedding planner, and try out Google For Weddings instead.

In four easy steps, you can easily organize your wedding day dreams for the cost of $0.00.

1) Create a Web Page to promote the special day

With the help of Picnik, you can easily draft together a personal site to send out to your online friends and family to notify them of all the details surrounding the wedding. You can put in photos, information and much more. Think of it as an online invitation.

2) Create photos, cards and more

Also with the use of Picnik, you can create physical invitation cards or any other card that you see necessary to help promote the wedding day. With a plethora of themes, you can easily choose one that matches your style, drag and drop in some photos, add fancy text and have it sent off to the printer in just minutes.

3) Calculate and Organize

Now comes the hard part. When you think about Google Docs, usually it reminds us of boring office or school work done over a web platform. However, they have added a number of wedding oriented tools such as a date planner, budget planner, guest list, seating charts, music lists and much more. The great thing is that you don’t need to walk around with a laptop or bulky folder of documents when shopping for cakes, DJs and more. You could either walk with just your smartphone or have the folks themselves look at the whole presentation from their computer since those documents are stored online.

4) After the bells and rice throwing, send out the photos online

So you’ve cried, said your vows and danced the night away! Now to get those photos online ASAP so your friends can enjoy it. With the Picasa tool, it allows you to take snapshots taken from any amateur point and click camera, to be transformed into masterpieces with the vast amount of editing and touch up tools. Also, just like Facebook, you can control who views which photos and even tag certain friends in different albums.

I guess we should be seeing a lot of Wedding Planners listing their services in the Jobs section of the newspapers soon. As I mentioned earlier on, the service is completely free and even though Google is pretty much going to control our brains one day from their servers, they are still offering all their services for free.

Check out the site here.

  • Annegwells

    So easy to use! Now, we’re firing the wedding planner. Thanks!

  • Martincspencer

    Google for weddings are best for hands-on bride-to-be’s. Amazing!

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