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Farmville For Dummies now available; the world is coming to an end

Posted by on 18/12/2010


Yes it’s official, there is a Farmville for Dummies book. The world has ended and hell has frozen over.

With Farmville become so complicated to use (heavy sarcasm), a book was made to help new players get a head start into the wonderful world of farming online. Here is the description according to Amazon.

With more than 80 million active players since the game?s release in 2009, there seems no end to the growing popularity of FarmVille. Whether accessed through the Facebook application or from the game?s Web site, this application is a worldwide phenomenon. Yet, there has been no beginner guide that offers an introduction to newcomers and updates to experienced players?until now. FarmVille For Dummies is aimed at getting novices acquainted with FarmVille rules and regulations, while more savvy players can sharpen their skills and find out how to stay up to date on the latest FarmVille features. You?ll discover how to download the app, create a farmer avatar, and establish your first farm. Then you?ll progress to finding neighbors, purchasing farm cash and coins, shopping at the market, and more.

  • Serves as an ideal introductory guide to the wildly popular online game of FarmVille
  • Walks you through downloading the app either via Facebook, Yahoo!, or your mobile device
  • Details how to find neighbors and interact with them, purchase farm cash and coins, shop at the market, and choose a profession
  • Highlights ways to earn ribbons, construct buildings, and become a co-op farmer
  • Helps you deal with technical issues
  • Author is the founder and creator of the largest FarmVille fan site

You can bet the farm that FarmVille For Dummies will help you take your gaming skills to the next level!

Exciting, right?! Makes you wanna start playing Farmville right now! … now really. Anyway, if it’s worth a joke or two, or you seriously want to get it, here is the link.

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