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Facebook’s Like button gets an upgrade, does sharing in one click

Posted by Bradley Wint on 27/02/2011

Facebook is moving one step closer to getting rid of the Share button, and making the Like/Recommend feature an integrated feature of most sites on the web.

They have taken the Like button a step closer by allowing it to generate full fledged posts when users click the like or recommend button. In the past, when someone liked a post, it would just post a one-liner in your profile feed telling other that you liked a story at a certain site. The like would then out link to the site. However when you click the like button now, it posts the title, a mini description and an image, just in the same way when you shared a post. However it all happens in one click.

Below is a sample of what is looks like.

You will also be given a dialogue box right after the Like to post your comment, but I have been unable to replicate that function on any site so far (maybe because it is in testing still).

From a publisher’s standpoint, this is great news because in a world where people expect to get results in the fewest clicks as possible, this helps to make the process much faster. Since it goes into a full post format rather than a tiny link in the feed, it also gets more prominence among readers.

Users have complained that they make Like a post, but don’t want to share it (maybe because it is not shareworthy enough). Also there are others who prefer that the Recommend button be placed, because posts about bad things (e.g. murders, wars, etc) obviously have a bad connotation.

So what do you all think? Good or bad idea?

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