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Facebook still not shutting down

Posted by on 28/07/2011


Earlier this year, we reported that Facebook was not shutting down after users panicked because of a faux post by the Weekly World News, a trashy tabloid website.

It seems several small sites have taken the same content from that post but changed the alleged shut down date to March 15th 2012. Facebook druggies have already started panicking once again, and are sharing the fake post like crazy. We’re not sure if this site also generates fake news or if they just needed some extra traffic. Haven’t they heard of The Onion?

In summary, Facebook is going nowhere and Mark Zuckerburg is far from being stressed out, sitting up top a multi-billion dollar corporation. “Tell yo wife, tell yo kids” that Facebook isn’t shutting down and that they should read this post and know that not everything on the Internet is all true.


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