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Facebook BBC spam goes rampant; how to protect yourself

Posted by on 11/04/2011

Once again, Facebook has been hit pretty hard with trojan spam, this time in the form of tagged photo albums.

Basically the trojan creates a new album called BBC and then uploads one of two photos, the first one with a girl being raped by male soldier, with the caption “She got raped badly… find out how”. The second one is just a picture of a girl with the caption “Everyone do check what she did on cam”.

Sadly enough, the album name and pictures can easily fool people into clicking the provided links. The trojan goes ahead to tag as much friends as possible, and thus helps in spreading the trojan. I must admit the first time I saw it, I did check out the image, but realized that it looked suspicious once I saw the Google short link.

Over the past two days, Facebook has been overtaken by the trojan, and it has flooded the walls of many unsuspecting users, with many of them clicking the links and passing on the threat without even knowing it.

If you’ve been infected, you’ll need to quickly remove the malicious app in your Applications manager, then go ahead to delete the album that was created to spread the trojan. A further safety measure would be to have your system scanned for viruses with a good virus scanner such as Avira, Kaspersky or McAfee.

Finally, a good safety measure would be to browse in HTTPS form. To change to this setting, you’d need to head over to your Account Settings and change the settings under the Account Security section, enabling the Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible option.

I also maintain that you should change your email address, and use complicated passwords to avoid any future issues. Finally, basic common sense applies. For instance, the BBC will never tag people in their photo albums, and it is always wise to avoid those short-linking services such as Goog.le, and others. If you are not sure about an application or link, don’t click it.

  • business online

    The msg I got, and still come. I also have done the click them

  • Bradley Wint

    Can you be a bit clearer on what happened?

  • Marielee66

    i have been bombarded by obscene pics n video linkis on facebook, what has happened?

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