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Facebook averaging 8 sign-ups per second

Posted by Bradley Wint on 02/02/2011

With Facebook continuing its epic growth, Czech statistics company SocialBakers has reported that Facebook now has an average of 7.9 sign-ups per second, while the total user base has now grown to 585 million users (as of December 2010).

Some other interesting stats include USA still maintaining its dominance at 48% of the user base. Also, the highest age group (18-24 years old) stacks at 187.7 million users, well above the rest of the other categories. I would have though that it would be popular among the younger teens but they only come in at 86 million (13-17 years old). Surprisingly, the sign-ups in the 65+ category shot up to 124%, much higher than the rest. With every company and star in the making creating a new Facebook Page, this has resulted in 115 million fans liking pages in 2010. Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga and Eminem enjoy the highest Fan Page Like count ranging from 24.9 to 26.2 million in reverse order. Even Justin Bieber with his girlish looks only has 17.7 million fans.

All stats are based on the entire 2010 period.

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