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Enjoying Discovery’s last flight [Pics]

Posted by Bradley Wint on 28/02/2011

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Here are some high def pics from the STS-133 mission is now docked at the International Space Station. It’s a memorable occasion because it’s the 39th and final flight for the Discovery space shuttle.

The STS-133 trip (the 133rd trip in the Space Shuttle program) was done to transport a number of component for permanent installation on the International Space Station. Some main items brought over were the The Permanent Multipurpose Module (the shiny cylinder in the rear of the shuttle’s hold area) which will be using primarily for storage of tools, spares and waste and the 3rd of 4 ExPRESS Logistics Carriers (white boxy looking unit in front portion of the hold area).

Aboard the shuttle are 6 American veterans, led by Commander Steven Lindsey, all of which will be helping with the installation of the various units transported over the last few days. According to the planned timeline, the Permanent Multipurpose Module should be the first to be installed on March 1st.

ISS crew member Paolo Nespoli (part of the Expedition 26 and 27 trips) managed to capture some high definition shots while the Discovery docked and unloaded. You can clearly see the cargo once the doors were open.

The shot above shows a rare shadow when the ISS was just in between the Sun’s rays and the Discovery shuttle.

This last one gives us a view of Discovery coming in for docking, also showing a bit of ISS’s modules and solar panels.

If you are interested in seeing many more shots, you can check out his Flickr stream here.

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    Love them, great pictures.

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