Don’t waste your money on Black Ops pack

by Bradley Wint on December 20th 2010 at 2:05PM

Major Nelson announced in his latest podcast that DLC for COD: Black Ops is coming up early next year February. It includes 4 multiplayer maps and one zombie map.

  • Discovery – Antarctic German research station, abandoned from World War II.
  • Kowloon – Inspired from the single-player campaign based off of Kowloon city in China. It’s a rooftop map.
  • Stadium – Hockey rink in northeastern United States.
  • Berlin Wall – Takes place at Checkpoint Charlie. Is a battle between East and West Berlin.
  • Ascension – Zombie map.

Now this is great and all but has Treyarch forgotten that maybe 90+ % of their gamers are still suffering from major flaws in the original version of Black Ops. It seems even after the 4th patch, things have barely cleared up for most. For me, the only thing fixed so far was the lagging, but otherwise the game still has a ton of major flaws including weapons hacks, terrible spawning and run and gun action. Aiming down the scopes is useless because the gun just flies all over the place, even with Steady Aim.

Even though Modern Warfare 2 has been plagued with its problems, the overall dynamics of the game were much more consistent. Now in Black Ops, I just feel like I’m in Grand Theft Auto doing run and gun shooting, and hoping for the best.

Why would we want to buy a map pack for $15.00 (1200 MS points)?! Yet come February 1st, tons of COD fans are still going to purchase it, even with they bitch and complain about the issues? Shouldn’t we show a bit of resistance and tell Activision/Treyarch that BO needs to be fixed first? It’s like building more floors on a  multi-story building without fixing the faulty foundation.

Crying and complaining with words and guns doesn’t seem to be the key with Activision, so why not put a halt of what they will listen to….money. If fans actually stuck together and refused to purchase rubbish, maybe they might listen to us for once. Sure they won’t be out of a job or suffer much, but the COD line would make much less than expected.

I used to be one of those guys who pre-ordered COD every time it was announced, but I will not buy this map pack or any future copies of COD until they get their act in order. In the mean time, I’ll be enjoying Modern Warfare and Crysis.

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  • Mark

    Holy shit grammar fail in this article, Jesus.

  • joe

    Steady Aim affects hip fire nub. That being sad most of what you say is true. The best yet worst. thing ever to happen is online patching. Sure you can fix balancing issues but developers have used it as a crutch to send out incomplete games(refer to socom)

  • joe


  • Vamp

    A poorly written article with a very selfish agenda. Whining about weapon hacks and spawn issues simply makes you sound like someone who sucks at Call of Duty, not someone who is actually concerned with the direction in which Treyarch wish to go with additional downloadable content.

  • Bigevilworldwide

    yeah that is a good point but all of the retards that cry and complain will still give their money to activision and ms even though the game still needs to be fixed

  • Bradley Wint

    So I’m guessing we should just accept the crap and make the best of it, right? Instead of trying to highlight their problems… you all just fuel the Activision/Treyarch money train. All they are doing is taking the content from MW2 and trying to make it better…but they obviously couldn’t get that point across with all the problems occuring. It’s not about skill but basically a game that is somewhat unplayable at times.

  • Bradley Wint

    I know that psychic… Even with the Steamy Aim and hip fire shots, it’s still more dodgy than just standing upright and shooting, without even aiming down the sights. Im able to get to 7-10 kills easy without even aiming…. Isn’t something wrong when folks can just run around doing that?

  • Stephenheadley1990

    Charging 15 bucks seems like a rip off, weren’t the map packs in the last game 10? Truthfully, I just want the zombie map until the multiplayer gets repatched. Then maybe I’ll spend the 15 when I have a little more disposable income. :p

  • 1337

    Wait, wait… People actually BUY dlc? No thanks, I’ll get it the free way.

  • Bradley Wint

    In MW2, they started at $15 as well per map pack…with 5 new maps alone.

  • Lenny

    Your complaining about stuff that was meant to be in the game. There is plenty of maps that work well for using rds or sniping. I don’t snipe but I don’t have problem using rds or iron sights. Of course run and gun is going to work better on the smaller maps.
    That’s not something they can magically fix because its based on the map designs. I can run and gun just as well in MW and MW2, that’s always my play style.

    I don’t know if the PS3/PC version have their own issues but I’ve never seen weapon hacks on the 360. I don’t even see people hacking, the worse is just people boasting.

  • Steve

    People have been able to run and gun just firing from the hip since COD4 it’s nothing new and really isn’t a real problem.

  • Chach

    You are retarded.. Plain and simple. You are bias and illogical.

  • MQL

    I agree with you on the price of DLC being high, but I’m not sure I understand some of your complaints. First of all, as someone else said, run and gun gameplay isn’t a bug; it’s one way the game is meant to be played. Also, I could be wrong, but isn’t steady aim only supposed to increase your hip fire accuracy? I don’t think it’s supposed to help your scope aiming (which seems fine on my end). I personally find Black Ops to be much more consistent than MW2, but that’s more of an opinion than a fact.
    I’d hate to judge these maps before they even come out. At least they aren’t remakes of maps I never really liked the first time around. Come on, who doesn’t want to soot stuff up in a hockey rink?

  • James

    What is he talking about with the “aiming down the scopes” and “running and gunning”?

    Isnt it better that you arent camping….?

  • Bradley Wint

    Nothing is wrong with scoping. It’s just less accurate that simple run and gun… as compared to maybe every other FPS game i’ve play where using the scope gives you a better shot.

  • Paul

    Modern warefare 2 is great but its a tube fest. I had a game on it earlier and every player in a match of domination was using the grenade launcher.

    That isn’t fun either, I here what the article writter is saying but TBH COD is broken to me not just Black Ops.

  • anon

    steady aim has nothing to do with aiming down the sights you fucking retard

    learn more about the game you talk shit about before you publish these editorials

  • Spaceg0st

    you honestly just sound like you suck at cod…. steady aim is for hip firing… and that gun bouncing around you mention, that’s called RECOIL. REAL guns have them. MW2′s ACR had ZERO… very unrealistic. You even mention that mw2′s map pack with “5 new maps” was 15 bucks? Retard, that came bundled with OLD MAPS. They were RESELLING the same maps from cod4… which i don’t mind, just don’t come off trying to pawn that off as NEW MAPS.

    ANd they have improved the spawning overall..

    You complain about MAJOR FLAWS… when really, i think you just blow at the game. It’s cool, just put in mw2 and run around with your DUEL SHOTTIES and RECOIL-LESS ACR, and COMMANDO perk where you leap 10feet forward for a knife kill, and leave us black ops players alone. we’re better off without you.

  • giggy

    i wont be buying it until they fix the problems with the ps3 version, that’s for sure. I either lose connection or it locks up waiting for players. no thanks.

  • Remingtion24

    sounds like you just blow at the game… stick to halo sweetie

  • Dtoxz

    Yeah I’m not gettin it until they fix the game first. I got the ps3 version and have to say its the biggest piece of crap programming game of them all. The game is good, but the programming is crap. Fix it or this is my last COD. PS3 has too many good exclusives to pay attention to COD anymore.

  • Darren

    Vamp, you’re missing the point entirely. The game is broken, fact. The technical issues it suffers from are universally known, fact. It’s nothing to do with sucking at CoD, and if you want to talk Treyarch’s direction, yes; it makes PERFECT sense to concentrate on producing additional content for a game that is, for the majority of PS3 owners, unplayable.

    With all the complaints Trey and Activision are receiving from gamers worldwide, you’d think they’d focus on resolving the problems. But, because of plebs like you brown-nosing Josh Olin, they think it’s ok to produce an unsatisfactory product because misguided, easy-to-please adolescents (that shouldn’t even be playing the game) continue to be sucked in by BS and promise of new maps – which’ll no doubt play poorly also.

    You’re a fine example of someone talking on a subject they don’t understand. And, before you ask, I don’t suck at CoD. My K/D’s bigger than your mum’s penis…

  • Dean Hamilton

    You really dont know what your talking about do you.

  • Jamesstorr86

    There are so many spelling mistakes and gramatical errors in this article. Perhaps you should look at ‘fixing’ your writing ability before pointing the faults in Black Ops?

  • No

    deal w/ it

  • DaveyHepburn

    Its actually ‘grammatical’ not ‘gramatical’ as you have mentioned

  • Guest

    I went through two prestiges on Black Ops then put in MW2 yesterday for the hell of it. I don’t know why I ever left.

  • D.Vader

    It’s BULLSHIT they charge $15 for 4 maps. I never bought the MW2 ones because of that. But I have principles.

  • David

    ….Standing upright and shooting, without even aiming down the sights is called hip firing.

  • Guest

    I see what your saying Wint but it just sounds like the next thing your going to complain about is bullets coming out of guns. Black ops is much better then MW2 for me due to the significant decrease of tubing and black ops took off all of those ridiculous perks. 15 bucks is not a lot of money so of course im going to get it. For the amount of hours people put into cod 15 bucks is more than worth it. Ive already clocked in a couple days so ive already gotten my 59.99 moneys with. The devs deserve it.
    PS- I hate microsoft and activision. And sorry to all the PS3 owners of black ops.

  • Scary69

    Same here I have retired COD and any other COD for that matter, as for that maps after MW2 I learned my lesson and will not be buying the maps either since I already sold the game. Activision can stay in MS pocket because this will be a company I will no longer support just like UBI.

  • Stephenheadley1990

    Ah, okay. The last CoD game I bought maps for was WaW, I didn’t play MW2 online enough to justify the purchase, Black Ops I do though. Plus you know, zombies.

  • Guest

    i dont find anything wrong with the xbox 360 version its just the PS3 version because they get there patches later and since the get free accounts they dont get enough funding to rewrite the programing for the ps3.

  • Guest

    so there are advantages and disadvantages on haveing free online. so stop bitching and suck it up or get an xbox and pay for it.

  • Bradley Wint

    Why should I get an Xbox for one game?

  • Bradley Wint

    I wish I could experience what you all are…. it’s just terrible… because the Single Player action is solid and lag “free” but it’s so hard taking shots in MP that I’ve just given up. Not due to skill or anything, but just a glitchy game… freezing, heavy lagging… meh

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