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Surfing the Web at Work is Good

Web Surfing

A study shows that browsing and surfing the Internet from work is, in fact, refreshing and good for you and helps you be more productive. In the”Impact of Cyberloafing on…

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Job Market: Part Time Writer at BlogTechnical

BlogTechnical is looking for part-time writers who wish to put their journalism skills to work in the technology sector. BlogTechnical covers the latest happenings in the tech world, focusing on topic

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HP webOS/Videos site hacked?


It seems someone is mad that webOS won’t be making the cut anymore. Folks checking out videos on the HP TouchPad website are greeting by an Indian MBA citizen willing…

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Man arrested for attempting to split atoms in kitchen

A Swedish man has been arrested for illegally being in possession of radium, uranium and americium; in an attempt to split atoms in his kitchen. Richard Handl said he was…

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Facebook still not shutting down

Earlier this year, we reported that Facebook was not shutting down after users panicked because of a faux post by the Weekly World News, a trashy tabloid website. It seems…

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Governments reach out to today’s youths – start promoting Cyber Gaming Events

At first glance, a government’s officials might say “we shouldn’t encourage sitting around all day behind a computer or TV”, but times are changing and cyber gaming is what most…

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Workstation Ergonomics are just as important as OSHA

Ergonomics, a concept that should be given the same priority and awareness as OSHA around the workplace. More emphasis should be place on ergonomics at the workstation since the majority…

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Increase Innovation in Trinidad by Cracking Down on Piracy

While supporting the “small man trying to make a living” and the average working Joe having the benefit of seeing the latest DVD movie or Music albums for a fraction…

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The Internet needs less of these

The Internet has come a long way from the simple ARPANET framework back in the 1970s. A lot of good has come out of it in terms of information sharing,…

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Social Media beats out Online Porn in popularity, according to survey

Yes, it seems Social Media has jumped ahead of online pornography in terms of popularity, according to a newish company called Socialnomics. Founded by Erik Qualman, writer of #1 Best…

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Apple and Religion share common ground in the minds of some

In a recent BBC documentary entitled Secrets of the Superbrands, host Alex Riley explained how Apple shares a common ground with religion in the minds of many Apple fanatics. The…

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