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Completely convert your Hotmail to Gmail

Posted by on 02/01/2011


With Hotmail going through their rough times with lost e-mails, spam and slow GUI, it’s time you considered moving to a safer haven, particularly Gmail. Here is a little guide to get you transitioned to the new service.

Create a new Gmail account or use an existing one

If you don’t have a Gmail account, sign up for one now for free. Otherwise, log in to your current account

Importi your messages and contacts

ok, so it’s time to move across all your messages and contacts. once logged into gmail, click the settings link in the top right hand corner of your screen. once inside, click the account and import tab.

click the import mail and contacts button and a pop-up will ask you from which external account you would like to import from (i.e. hotmail, etc.)

you’ll be required to enter your hotmail password as well to verify. once that’s done, you get the option to select what to import. since i want to transition my account entirely, i’ve check marked everything.

hit the start import button and that’s it. the process can take a couple hours to two days, so just be patient.

tada. since i didn’t have too much stuff in my hotmail, i saw many of my messages coming across within the first two minutes. the nice thing is that it’s labeled so you can tell which is what. the sad thing is that emails sorted by folders were not brought in that format, but rather all being put into the inbox.

yay! also, gmail will continue to automatically import your e-mails for the next 30 days, if the option was selected earlier.

redirecting new emails to gmail from hotmail

so, now your current emails have been imported, what about future messages? head over to your hotmail page and jump to the settings menu.

under the managing your account section, click email forwarding and enter your gmail address. if you want to play it safe, then check mark the box to keep a copy in your hotmail account.

wasn’t so hard, right?

now all you have to do is sort those emails into new folders and that’s about it. enjoy spam-free messages with a quick loading interface. hopefully google keeps their act together and doesn’t screw up like hotmail.

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