Chrome un-hackable by Pwn2Own hackers

by: Bradley Wint on March 30th, 2010 at 1:55 pm


At the recently held Pwn2Own hacking convention, Google Chrome was the only major browser to stand up to the 3 days of brutal hacking attempts by professionals from across the nation. At Pwn2Own, hackers and other pros are paid prizes between $10,o00 to $15,000 along with their cracking system, to break into different web browsers listed below. Hacking into a select few mobiles phones was also on the agenda.

While Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari were cracked within minutes on Day 1, Chrome was able to stand firm for all 3 day on various platforms, especially on the the very insecure Windows XP. Definitely a good achievement for the new browser, however critics say that because only 5-11% of people use Chrome and with the fact that it’s still very new on the market, hackers have either not been able to find exploits yet or just haven’t seriously taken the time to try and crack Chrome.

Surprisingly Opera was among the top few browsers  being hacked, but up to this day, Opera 10 has yet to be hacked into. Hopefully next year they will consider it. Among some of the hot PC prizes are the Alienware M11x, Sony Vaio 13″, HP Envy Beats 15″ and the Apple Macbook Pro 15″.


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