Chinese high speed train shatters world speed commercial record at 302mph

by Bradley Wint on December 10th 2010 at 10:07AM

China’s new high speed train “Harmony” has set a new world record for unmodified commercial trains, clocking 302 mph on the Beijing-to-Shanghai line. There are faster trains of course, but this one exemplifies the speeds possible on a normal, commercial train. Even though the record was set during a test run, it really is a feat for the new train and maybe one day it can operate at close to top speeds when in public use.

This also means that the train could travel between the two major cities in about 5 hours, saving lots of time, maybe making it more convenient than a plane ride. China’s high speed trains have also been possible thanks to its extensive network of railway lines, currently spanning about 4,000 miles and estimated to be about 8,100 miles by 2020.


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