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China developing powerful rocket for Moon expedition

Posted by on 19/04/2011


China has started developing plans for a very powerful rocket to carry a crew of astronauts into space for a moon landing and for deep space exploration.

It is expected to have a payload of 130 tonnes will be twice as wide (in diameter) and 5 times larger than China’s present biggest rocket. According to Liang Xiaohong, Vice Head of the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, he did say that the rocket is being developed according to their next-generation standards. Already, a smaller unit called the Long March V is in the works and on schedule and is expected to do low and high orbit deliveries.

For now, not much has been said otherwise but they are speeding up the process to explore and sample material from the lunar surface.


  • Mat

    China will eclipse the United States as a superpower before 2050, economically and technologically

  • kreate

    and we’re going to help them by borrowing their money and give them jobs and benefits.

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