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How Facebook can ruin your life in seconds

by: Bradley Wint – April 26th, 2010 – 11:42 am – 540 Comments

With Facebook becoming a much less private social networking website, information about any member is being more accessible. With it’s ability to share information and media easily, it has also become one of the most popular viral/grapevine tools to keep…

Promoted Tweets goes live

by: Bradley Wint – April 13th, 2010 – 5:57 pm – 0 Comments

Earlier today we spoke about Twitter offering paid advertising in the form of prioritized tweets called Promoted Tweets. It’s been only a few hours and Twitter has already gone live with their program. Above you can see one of the…

Google releases official Buzz widget

by: Bradley Wint – April 13th, 2010 – 5:42 pm – 0 Comments

It took Google long enough but they have finally released an official interactive Google Buzz widget. Initially when Google released Buzz, they did not have any widget customization leading sites like Mashable and TechCrunch to make their own. They used…