BMW burns logo into people’s eyes

by Bradley Wint on December 18th 2010 at 5:59PM

BMW is using lasers to burn logos into peoples’ eyes…well not really. BMW recently tried out a flash projection experiment in a German theater to imprint a temporary image of the BMW logo into people’s eyes when they closed it in dark rooms.

Remember when we were young and looked at the sun for hours? After closing our eyes, we’d see the Sun still shining because the image is temporarily burnt onto our eye retinas. It soon disappears after a minute or two. What BMW did was to place a Profoto Pro-7B high intensity light flashing device behind the cinema screen, and then put a stencil cut out of the BMW logo right in front of the flashbulb device.

During the intermission, they showed a regular BMW ad about fast bikes, but flashed the image occasionally. After the show, the fans did report seeing the BMW logo lingering around their eyes when the cinema went dark after the ad. Mission achieved.

It’s a pretty cool concept, because they believe that telling someone something isn’t good enough. Instead they should see it and feel involved to remember the whole ordeal. See how to whole concept worked out in the video below.

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