Black Eyed Peas “Hijacks” MySpace

by Bradley Wint on December 10th 2010 at 3:36AM

As MySpace becomes a more music oriented social website, they have introduced a new program called Hijacks, which allows big name celebrities to take over MySpace’s visual aspects such as logos, backgrounds, interactive headers and more. This basically allows all users on the site to see the new promotions of upcoming bands, actors and more.

This week, The Black Eyed Peas start off the initiative by offering various old school 8-bit games, 8-bit yourself picture tools and other contests, as well as links to their new and upcoming albums. In return, the Hijack program will also be publicized on the celebrities’ Facebook or Twitter pages, or anywhere else online that is appropriate. Sam Wick of MySpace said that this program will help connect global celebrities with the MySpace audience.

Jack Black is lined up for next week’s Hijack, for the promotion of his upcoming film release, Gulliver’s Travels.

MySpace has gone away from the once powerful people social network, to a more media-focused social experience. I honestly thought the site reminded me of MTV’s at a point.

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