Best Buy offers bogus 3D Glasses “Sync” service

by: Bradley Wint on March 20th, 2010 at 1:06 am


It seems Best Buy is offering yet another “Worst Buy”, this time in the form of  scamming people to “sync” their 3D glasses to work with their new range of 3D HD Samsung televisions. Best Buy kicked off the sale with a 55 inch HDTV, a 3D-capable Blu-ray player (and one Blu-ray movie), 2 pairs of 3D battery powered glasses and Geek Squad delivery and set up, for a price ranging from $150 to as high as $240 depending on the area.

As part of the deal, the Geeks would set up your system and “sync” your glasses so users get the full experience. However, it turns out the glasses do not need to be synced to anything since they automatically work when you power it up and look at the screen. The 3D experience turns on automatically via an infrared signal emitted between the TV and glasses. So why the heck are we paying for a “sync” service that can’t be sync-ed by the Geek Squads? Will they be holding our heads in the direction of the TV? Is that the syncing process?

If you thought that was ridiculous, HD Guru took the time to find out what this syncing process encompassed. They called 3 random Best Buy stores and got the following answers. Store 1 said the glasses needed to be synced up with the Blu-ray player. Store 2 said the glasses needed syncing to the player via the USB port. However, there are no USB or mini-USB ports on the glasses, so is there some secret string we have to pull on the get access to this so-called port? The third store gave the best answer. They said the glasses needed to sync its IP address with the Blu-ray player’s. Too bad these shades are not connected to any network or the Internet. They run via IR as mentioned above.

The staff definitely do not know what they were talking about, and are basically getting away by ripping of unsuspecting customers, but now you know.

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