AT&T iPhone customers get to keep unlimited data plan after upgrade to new iPhone

by: Bradley Wint on June 3rd, 2010 at 3:14 pm


AT&T has confirmed via many posts on their Facebook page that iPhone customers who plan to upgrade to the next version of the iPhone can keep their unlimited data plan. Just the other day, they announced that unlimited plans would be scrapped for newer but capped plans. They would go from paying $30 per month for unlimited to $15/month  for the 200MB DataPlan and $25/month for the 2GB DataPro Plan.

The plans go in effect on June 7th but the announcement caused quite a stir among iPhoners. Since then, they took note and chose to retain the unlimited plan. Folks looking to get the tether option will have to apply for the DataPro Plan. Using their data calculator, it turns out that even quite a but of usage, a significant portion of users can still work well within the limits of the DataPro Plan. Also, you’d save $5 per month if you had the 2GB limit (which most couldn’t cross anyway).

So would you really need to keep the unlimited plan or would the 2GB capped plan be a better bargain for you?


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