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Surfing the Web at Work is Good

Web Surfing

A study shows that browsing and surfing the Internet from work is, in fact, refreshing and good for you and helps you be more productive. In the”Impact of Cyberloafing on…

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Job Market: Part Time Writer at BlogTechnical

BlogTechnical is looking for part-time writers who wish to put their journalism skills to work in the technology sector. BlogTechnical covers the latest happenings in the tech world, focusing on topic

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Governments reach out to today’s youths – start promoting Cyber Gaming Events

At first glance, a government’s officials might say “we shouldn’t encourage sitting around all day behind a computer or TV”, but times are changing and cyber gaming is what most…

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Workstation Ergonomics are just as important as OSHA

Ergonomics, a concept that should be given the same priority and awareness as OSHA around the workplace. More emphasis should be place on ergonomics at the workstation since the majority…

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Increase Innovation in Trinidad by Cracking Down on Piracy

While supporting the “small man trying to make a living” and the average working Joe having the benefit of seeing the latest DVD movie or Music albums for a fraction…

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Why I dislike the Like Button

Over the past 2 years in the web world, I’ve been introduced to a number of social sharing tools during the Social Media explosion. They started off as simple links…

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Speed Up your WordPress website

The information highway has blown up in the past 5 years, and blogs are the new way to go with regards to information dissemination. Traditional news outlets have switched to…

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Weekend Take On: Senseless Parents blame Apple for in-app buying policy

This weekend’s article focuses on how parents can sometimes blame the wrong people for their own shoddy child raising techniques. Earlier this week, Garen Meguerian of Pennsylvania filed a lawsuit…

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Technology in Trinidad: 10 years behind its time?

Trinidad and Tobago is one of the few blessed countries in the world, mainly because of its oil and gas reserves and relatively stable economy. However, with so much money…

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Is the Social Media bubble going to burst?

Recently, Facebook was revalued at $67.5 billion on the SecondMarket, while Twitter was revalued at $10 billion, which brings up the question of whether a social media bubble is forming,…

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The Bermuda Triangle: Steals your plane or load of crap?

As a little kid, I always heard stories about the Bermuda Triangle sucking airplanes and ships into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. When I grew older, I learnt that…

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Dear Webmasters, stop doing this crap!

In the old days, webmasters would try to draw attention to some new feature or offer on a site by including a pop-up or pop-under advertisement or notice. However, because…

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Geohot: Hero or Zero?

With Geohot facing legal action, the big question is whether his actions were justified or just downright negative towards the gaming industry. Geohot started of “jailbreaking” iPhones in order to…

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Back to College Tech Guide

It’s college time again! Students from across the world are heading back or have already started their classes for the second semester. To help you all along in the world…

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Software Improvements or More Bloatware?

In today’s times where a website’s speed can make or break a potential user visit, it is really important to have a website with the speed to match. As Frederick…

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