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Apple to take 30% cut on external E-book sales

Posted by Bradley Wint on 02/02/2011

Apple has announced that external distributors selling eBooks for the iPad and iPod/iPhone devices will now have to re-work their apps so the eBooks are sold through the Apple Store, and that 30% of sales go to Apple.

This obviously comes as a big blow for companies like  Amazon and Google, but surprisingly this isn’t a new rule, but one that just wasn’t implemented from the start. Even though eBook sales have helped made devices like the iPad very popular, Apple is pretty much money-grabbing with the policy.

There would be obvious repercussions because of the decision and Apple eBook users are likely to get the wrong end of the stick. External retailers may be hesitant to give into Apple’s request but if they do, it could mean higher prices for those buying eBooks for Apple devices. Also, Apple could lose out in the long run because customers may see more of a reason to purchase a Kindle, Windows or Android eReader device.

With such a policy coming back into effect, does it mean other forms of externally sold digital content could suffer the same wrath?


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