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Apple to charge EU online newspaper readers?

Posted by Bradley Wint on 09/02/2011

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EU online newspapers agencies have reported that Apple may starting forcing users to pay for subscriptions to newspaper services if they wish to view it via the iPad or iPhone as the case may be. However the European Newspaper Publishers’ Association (ENPA) is not taking that decision sitting down.

Just like how Apple recently re-implemented a 30% charge on ebooks sold through external providers, the ENPA is worried that Apple may do the same to the online newspaper industry. Some say Apply may force users to subscribe via iTunes only, which allows them to take a percentage from the total earnings which should have gone to the independent media organizations. Users may also be barred completely from subscribing directly from the newspaper website.

There are also fears that Apple could use the information collected from subscriptions for data mining purposes. Belgium’s Economy minister, Vincent Van Quickenborne has heavily criticized the idea and will start an investigation into Apple’s planned attempt to make money on the online newspaper market. He among others believes that Apple is simply trying to gouge profits from the market.

Even though Apple has denied most of the claims so far, they haven’t commented on the statements recently made by the ENPA.


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