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Apple removes “Gay Cure” app

Posted by Bradley Wint on 23/03/2011

Apple has gone ahead to remove the controversial “Gay Cure” app under their law of being “offensive to large groups of people.” The app was originally aimed at homosexuals in an attempt to convert them to the way of the Jesus Christ.

With over 100,000 signatures against the app, there was more than enough support to get it removed from the store. Exodus International has expressed great disappointment in the decision, stating the following:

“We are extremely disappointed to learn of Apple’s decision to deny equal representation in the public square,” said Alan Chambers, president of Exodus International. “Discrimination of thought and belief obstructs essential dialogue and authentic diversity,” said Chambers noting that Apple provides hundreds of apps specific to the GLBT community and has made the Gay Christian Network’s podcasts available on its iTunes store.

“Ultimately, this issue comes down to what we, as a culture, believe about equality and the freedom to express our beliefs,” said Chambers. “It is our hope that Apple will reconsider its decision and allow our organization to be part of the ongoing conversation about the challenging issues many face today.”

They have also gone ahead to encourage their supporters to contact Apple to get the app reinstated, but with so much negativity towards it, it is an unlikely occurrence.

Even though the church does have a good point of discrimination against free speech, the situation comes down to what is accepted in society and with the LGBT growing larger and larger on a daily basis, there is much more support for the minority.

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