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Anonymous seizes Westboro Baptist Church websites during live interview

Posted by on 24/02/2011

The Internet group Anonymous had gone ahead with its plans to take out a number of website affiliated with the Westboro Baptist Church, doing it during a live interview on the David Pakman Show.

It seems that a couple of factions within the group were responsible for different portions of the attack. First of all, the group DDoSed the site, making it almost impossible to load due to the excess traffic trying to access the server. They then spent about 4 days trying to break the entire system, apparently because it wasn’t as easy as they thought it would be to crack.

Initially, they were able to break into only one server but with the use of a Zero-day attack, they infiltrated the rest of the church’s network, exposing a number of administration pages and the entire layout of the system. During the Inteview, the Anonymous member didn’t take credit for the press release posted earlier this month, but did say that a message was posted on the “” URL. It was later confirmed that it indeed was online, and had a similar layout like the US’s ICE seizure notices.

On the David Pakman Show, Shirley Phelps-Roper (Westboro member) defended her organization by saying “no power can shut these words that are roaring out of Mount Zion.” She even was defiant of the fact that her websites were down, even with confirmation from outside sources that they indeed were. Anonymous did go on to credit famout DDoS hacktivist, th3j35t3r, for taking out the websites and the voice confirmed that his group was responsible for placing the seizure notice (seen above). It was also confirmed in a Twitter comment that Westboro’s site was down. – TANGO DOWN. Temporarily. For celebrating the death of US troops – honeypot fail btw

th3j35t3r (a.k.a. Jester) has also been responsible for a number of DDoS attacks on various Jihad terrorist recruiting sites, and was also supposedly responsible for the temporary shut down of Wikileaks after the dump of US Cables.

Since then, the Westboro Baptist Church sites have been taken down by the admins for additional security checks. Let’s see if Anonymous tries to break them again.

Interview below:

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