AdBlock Plus coming to Chrome

by Bradley Wint on December 16th 2010 at 12:48PM

AdBlock Plus developer Wladimir Palant has announced that his popular Ad blocking plugin for Firefox will come to Google Chrome.

His intentions have changed because he felt that users should still have control over their browsing experience, but because Firefox still had a limited market share, he decided to expand to other browsers. Internet Explorer would have been the best choice but he didn’t want to delve into the IE arena because it doesn’t support “usable extension support” and creating an ad blocker for IE would be an “ugly and very complicated business”.

Google Chrome was the next choice, and with its Javascript plugin system, it would be easy to transfer a significant portion of his code to the new plugin. Rather than creating one from the ground up though, he has partnered with AdThwart developer Tom Joseph, mainly because the Chrome plugin uses some of ABP’s modules and has a relatively simple codebase.

Palant also mentioned that the plugin will be not as functional as the one in Firefox, but will improve in time once the add-on is better developed. Expect to see a beta copy soon.

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