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About BlogTechnical

At BlogTechnical, we don’t just cover news, but embody ourselves in the whole culture of technology and gaming. Rather than covering the mainstream topics seen on most other syndicate sites, we try to deliver stories that are actually interesting and can generate a decent bit of buzz and conversation. Along with news, we are also working on delivering quality reviews of the newest software, hardware, gadgets, mobiles and games.

If you are a fan of top 10 lists and infographs, this is not the place to find those.

The staff at BT don’t follow any one technological cult. We obviously may have our personal biases, but we try out best not to reflect this in our work here. We hope that our readers and members can also take such an open view when adding to discussions.

BT also offers a discussion board where our loyal readers can participate in any topic surrounding technology and gaming. We hope to acquire the more cultured members of society, in order to maintain insightful discussions, rather than encouraging tech wars or Internet meme nonsense. The forums are an open place where everyone has a right to an opinion without the fear of being criticized in a negative light.

We hope you enjoy the stay and visit time and time again.

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