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Ready for Space Beer? Better get your space suit first

Posted by Bradley Wint on 21/02/2011

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4 Pines Brewing Company is now testing a full bodied stout directly geared for tourists headed off to destinations just outside Earth’s atmosphere (space tourists).

Like any other space food, this beer has to be designed specifically for consumption within a zero gravity environment. The problem with eating and drinking regular food in space is that the actual food doesn’t go down to your lower half. The body usually compresses and expands the tubes in your digestive system to get the food moving along the long piping network, but since the food basically remains standstill in your system, the constant compression and expansion causes tissues to swell and induce vomiting. This situation is called space adaptation syndrome.

As a result, the taste buds can also swell up and reduce the ability to enjoy food/drinks’ flavor. Space food has to be developed specifically to counter these reactions and 4 Pines has since been working on a “big, full-bodied” beer, which should taste better in space. Also it is said to be less filling and have less carbonation to combat the effects of “wet burps.”

If you’re looking to take a trip into the reaches of space, don’t forget to pick up some soon to be produced space beer.


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