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Anonymous not in support of Facebook takedown

It seems there is obvious disagreement among the Anonymous clan. This comes after AnonOps and GroupAnon both stated that they are not partaking in the November 5th attack on Facebook….

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Job Market: Part Time Writer at BlogTechnical

BlogTechnical is looking for part-time writers who wish to put their journalism skills to work in the technology sector. BlogTechnical covers the latest happenings in the tech world, focusing on topic

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Facebook launches Messenger app for iPhone and Android

After upgrading their chat system, Facebook has now released a mobile standalone chat application for iPhone and Android. The new app integrates features such as geolocation and camera features to…

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Anonymous takes down Syrian Ministry of Defense website

Anonymous has reportedly struck again, taking down the Syrian Ministry of Defense website, in support of the ongoing war between the people of Syria and the Bashar Al-Assad regime. The…

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Man arrested for attempting to split atoms in kitchen

A Swedish man has been arrested for illegally being in possession of radium, uranium and americium; in an attempt to split atoms in his kitchen. Richard Handl said he was…

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Goodbye Old Twitter

Yup, Twitter has called it. They are going to upgrade all users’ accounts to the new Twitter layout, which offers a plethora of new features integrated into one page. New…

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3D Printed Plane takes flight

3D printing is catching on, this time in the form of an airplane that actually flies. The SULSA (Southampton University Laser Sintered Aircraft) is an unmanned aircraft, that was printed…

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Minus, an excellent alternative to Imgur (Review)

Minus is a relatively new cloud file hosting service, set to take on big names like Imgur, Dropbox and others. One of the first things that is extra appealing in…

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Get the best of both worlds with GooApple (iPhone 4 clone running on Android)

The Chinese never cease to amaze us, this time with their GooApple 3G,  an iPhone 4 replica running an extensively modified version of Android 2.2, making it look like the…

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Facebook still not shutting down

Earlier this year, we reported that Facebook was not shutting down after users panicked because of a faux post by the Weekly World News, a trashy tabloid website. It seems…

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Over 35 million South Korean Internet users allegedly hacked by Chinese

The Korea Communications Commission has officially reported that over 35 million Internet users in South Korea had critical data stolen from them, including social security numbers and email addresses.  The…

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Governments reach out to today’s youths – start promoting Cyber Gaming Events

At first glance, a government’s officials might say “we shouldn’t encourage sitting around all day behind a computer or TV”, but times are changing and cyber gaming is what most…

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Want to Avoid Parking Tickets – There’s an app for that!

Citizens in Washington DC (US) and in the near future other states are enjoying the new mobile application by Australian owned company Parkmobile. This latest innovation allows you to monitor and top…

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Two Fake Apple stores closed down

Two fake Apple stores operating Kunming, China have been closed down for not having business license, and not because of copyright concerns. Chinese officials have stepped in, investigating a total…

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Twitter follower count bug causes user pandemonium

Twitter users have one again gone on a tweet rage after seeing their Following and Followers count going down to zero. It seems a Twitter bug has caused accounts to…

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How to become a Google+ God

Google+ started off with quite a bang, with many social network goers fighting for invites to test out the new service. Their service became such a hit that they were…

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