10 ways to use your outdated floppy disks

by: Bradley Wint on May 2nd, 2010 at 4:11 pm

With Sony officially discontinuing the production of floppy disks, and with PC manufacturers not providing the appropriate optical drives, the floppy will end up a relic like the VHS/VCR. Even though many organizations still use the floppy for actual business purposes, here are some ways in which you can use your 10,000 disk collection instead of letting it gather dust.

1. Skeet Shooting

With the cost of actual clay discs costing quite a lot to shoot, why not have your friend fling those floppies into the air and shoot those instead. It’s too bad that when you run out of disks, you won’t be able to run down to the store to get more.

2. Drink Coasters

Planning to open a bar for your Klingon friends? Why not use your floppies as drink coasters to add to that nerdy feeling. Hey, you don’t need to be a nerd to use of these though. They provide a nice clearance above the table surface and don’t get soft like those paper coasters.

3. Pen/Marker Holder

With just 5 floppies and a few straps, you can easy make a nice pen/pencil/marker holder to store your big pile of writing accessories. Rather than wasting your money on an expensive glass or plastic holder, this does the job just as well as looks pretty cool.

4. Wrist Band

If you’ve ever broken a floppy disk into pieces, you would know that there is the actual soft and magnetic disc on the inside. In the diagram, the person uses 16 discs, 4 per set and bends them inwards and then sticks them together in various styles. Then the 4 sets are places around a cloth band on your hand to make a pretty wrist decoration. Keep these for the retro parties though, and not the job interview.

5. Hand Bag

This has been a popular use of floppies for many years. With the use of some thin straps and a number of floppy disks, you can join them together to form a squarish handbag which pretty much can hold a decent amount of weight, if the right straps are used. Attach a nice handle to it and you’ve got yourself a fully working bag. I guess being different is good.

6. Tile Art

This really is a play on the basic tile art used around the world. Gather a scheme of various colored disks, whether they be ones that are totally painted differently or just have multicolored labels and join them together to form art! If you come up with something cool, you might want to stick them together on a sturdy board to hang on your wall somewhere.

7. Bed or Table Foot Balance

How many times have we come across a table, chair or bed with uneven legs? Isn’t it just annoying when we move from side to side and have to deal with that rocking motion? Why not stick a floppy or two under the end that’s uneven and cancel the problem completely?

8. Percussive Instrument

Most song producers use a variety of tools to make percussive noises in their songs. They may shake tablets in a bottle or rice in a glass container. The video above shows a bunch of floppies being banded together on a string. When shaken it makes a nice flapping noise which could go well with your next multimillion dollar song? Who knows.

9. Note Pad

Creative Crafts:
How To Make A Notepad From Floppy Disk
Video is a bit blurry in the beginning

With the use of a single floppy, you can actually make a pretty cool flip note pad. All you need to do is cut out some sheets of paper to match the size of the floppy disk, then pop holes in the top left and right ends of the paper so you can feed a strap through it and through the device write-lock hole on the diskette itself. Check out the video above for more details. So instead of pulling out a conventional boring note pad, pull out one of these cool bad boys.

10. Tactical Throwing ermmm….floppy?

I guess the Call of Duty is getting to me but if you want to have some fun and throw something at your friends while they are at work or in the home, just pick up one of those plastic bad boys, hold in sideways and fling it and your friend. Aim for the back of their heads.

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