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Internet shut down, Facebook accounts deleted in Algeria as War breaks out


Just 3 weeks ago, the war raged on in Egypt but now revolution has come to Algeria as its country’s citizens also fight for freedom from President Abdelaziz Boutifleka’s rule….

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Job Market: Part Time Writer at BlogTechnical

BlogTechnical is looking for part-time writers who wish to put their journalism skills to work in the technology sector. BlogTechnical covers the latest happenings in the tech world, focusing on topic

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Digg says goodbye to Auto RSS


Common sense prevails once again at the Digg offices, this time with the announcement of the automatic syndication feature being removed. This means if site owners want to promote, they…

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Fire the wedding planner, use Google instead


With Google being hell bent on controlling our lives, they have added yet another service to help make our lives easier. If you are looking to get married soon, forget…

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New Facebook Pages are here, and here is what’s new


Facebook has gone the next step by allowing Fan Page owners to upgrade to a new theme similar to the new personal profile layout recently released. There are also a…

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I will stop pirating when…. (Contest)


Hey all, well it’s time for a contest. Up for grabs is a copy of Crysis 2 (PC, Xbox 360 or PS3 depending on winner’s request) coming out on 22nd…

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Kevin Butler tweets Battleship Coordinates…oh wait, the PS3 Security Key I meant


Aww, hot shot PS3 spokesman Kevin Butler made a boo-boo. Turns out he re-tweeted the new PlayStation 3 security key after carelessly replying to @exiva’s original Tweet. Obviously Kevin (or…

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Sony NGP price leaked?


In an “accidental” turn of events, someone posted a screen shot on GameStop’s Facebook page, including the expected price of the upcoming Sony PSP NGP. Currently it is set at…

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LG files complaint against Sony over Bluray player, wants PS3 banned in USA


LG Electronics has filed two complaints through the International Trade Commission (ITC) against Sony Electronics over a number of patent infringements regarding the playback of Bluray discs on the PS3…

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Apple to charge EU online newspaper readers?


EU online newspapers agencies have reported that Apple may starting forcing users to pay for subscriptions to newspaper services if they wish to view it via the iPad or iPhone…

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MPAA sues Hotfile, domain possibly at risk of seizure


The Motion Pictures Association of America has filed a lawsuit against file sharing service In a press release, they mention that Hotfile has directly promoted the sharing of illegal…

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The Bermuda Triangle: Steals your plane or load of crap?


As a little kid, I always heard stories about the Bermuda Triangle sucking airplanes and ships into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. When I grew older, I learnt that…

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Trade in Black Ops for free copy of Killzone 3 (Canada)


If you happen to live in Canada, are a PS3 owner and have a physical copy of Call of Doody: Black Ops, there is now a limited opportunity to trade…

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Why the Egyptian government cut the Internet


Straying slightly from the tech scene, I just wanted to highlight some of the horrible events that went down in Egypt. It clearly shows why the government decided to cut…

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Good news Canadian Steam/Netflix users, UBB policy to be overturned


Hooray for bandwidth and Canadian Government common sense. The Canadian Prime Minister and the Minister of Industry has made the decision to force the CRTC to reverse the Usage-Based Bandwidth…

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Facebook averaging 8 sign-ups per second


With Facebook continuing its epic growth, Czech statistics company SocialBakers has reported that Facebook now has an average of 7.9 sign-ups per second, while the total user base has now…

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